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Chris Jiron


If you ask Chris’s parents what he said he wanted to be when he grew up they would undoubtedly say a winemaker and a dancer. Growing up in a winemaking family he kept that thought in the back of his mind, and eventually took an opportunity to attend the Northwest Viticulture Center in Salem, Oregon. Graduating in 2009, he found himself returning to the Rogue Valley to be a part of this exciting and growing wine region, and soon thereafter he met Rob Folin of Folin Cellars.

In 2010, Folin offered him the position of assistant winemaker which also allowed him to create his own small brand, God King Slave. “The idea behind God King Slave, and my style of winemaking for that matter" Chris says, “has always been about three things: Labor, Science, and Art. Working with your hands to create something unique but rooted in science. The name is from a quote from Constantin Brancusi that I felt embodied that ideal; Create like a God, Command like a King, Work like a Slave.”

During a seven year period, Chris and Rob were the winemaking team at Folin Cellars while Chris continued to maintain the God King Slave brand. In 2017, Chris decided to move away from Folin and his own brand to explore other opportunities in the industry and work with other local winemaking teams. This eventually led to an amazing opportunity as the winemaker for DANCIN Vineyards! “I have watched the DANCIN brand grow over the past several years and I am excited to be a part of such a great group of warm, passionate, and creative people!”